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UX Designer
Elevating user experiences for enterprise products from 😐 to 😍!
UX Strategist
Connecting goals, problems, and solutions to maximize the power of design.
Design Operator
Building peak-performance design teams throughout your organization.
Amateur Chef
Cooking the best gluten-free waffles in Washington DC.
Idea Machine
Generating practical solutions that will have your users (and developers) going 🙌.
Figma Pro
Creating wireframes and prototypes faster than your next email.
Collaborative Spirit
Bringing teams together quicker than donuts in the break room.
Halfway Decent Chess Player
Checkmating any player rated 1500 and below.
Design Advocate
Making UX and design cool within your organization.
Relentless Learner
Adding new ideas to your design team on the daily.
Basketball Lover
Watching classic NBA games on every lunch break.
But Wait... There's More!
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4 Years Experience

Located in Washington DC



B2B Design to Upgrade Search and Navigation for No-Code Application Builders
Power User SaaS Design


SaaS Product Design to Automate Discovery Calls with AI
AI SaaS Design
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Enterprise Design to Help Governments Work Fast and Smart
Government SaaS Design

Tony Lizza

Project Manager at Enovational


"Dylan is extremely curious and not only learns about new ideas and concepts to improve his work, but also seeks to disseminate the knowledge that he learns among team members.​"

Cindy Golos

Program Manager at Enovational


"If you want a creative who knows how to channel creativity into real results for customers, you should hire Dylan now."

Kristina Danielyan

Product Manager at CoStar Group


"Dylan is the first to volunteer for a challenge and can adjust to quickly changing timelines and priorities; working with him was a pleasure and I would recommend having him on your design team."

Trammy Hoang

Product Manager at Ernst & Young


"Dylan never ceased to amaze me while we were working together. He tackled ambiguity and unknowns head-on to keep the team on track and ultimately, played an integral part in making our team more self-organizing."

April Ding

UX Designer at Ernst & Young


"For anyone looking for a UX designer with excellent communication skills and who can solve complex problems, Dylan is the person for the job."

Ash Delvillan

Co-Founder at Two Evils Games


“Whenever I planned cross-functional team placements, Dylan was my secret weapon: a cure for what ailed a team stuck in analysis-paralysis.”

Andy Garcia

Vice President of Experience Design at CMG Financial


"I would jump at the chance to hire Dylan again, and I would stake my name on assuring any organization that their game will definitely be elevated by having him as a part of their team."


Fintech Product Design To Modernize Mortgage Servicing
Fintech Product Design

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B2C design to help governments treat their citizens like VIPs
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0 to 1 startup design to create the public square that shapes the world's best ideas
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